How to improve the speed of injection molding production and injection mold processing!


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

What should we do when we encounter slow speed problems in the injection molding process? What causes it? How to increase the speed of injection molding production and injection mold processing? Today, Mulan injection mold processing factory will explain it to you! 1. The plastic temperature and mold injection temperature are high, resulting in long cooling time. 2. Whether the design of the mold is reasonable, the design should be easy to demould, and the design and operation should be fully automatic as much as possible. 3. If the melting time is long, the back pressure should be reduced and the use of recycled materials should be reduced to prevent overhead, and the feeding section should be fully cooled.

4. The machine moves slowly, which can be adjusted through the oil circuit and circuit to accelerate the machine properly. 5. Water dripping from the nozzle hinders normal production. Use self-locking nozzles or reduce nozzle temperature.

6. The manufacturing wall thickness is too large, resulting in too long cooling time. 7. If the heating of the barrel is insufficient, replace the machine with a large plasticizing capacity or strengthen the preheating of the material. 8. Whether the employees have experience and whether the operation is in place.

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