How to maintain product precision in precision injection molding


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

1) What is precision injection molding? Precision injection molding generally refers to an injection molding method in which the processed and formed injection products have high dimensional repeatability, and it is difficult to meet the requirements using general injection molding machines and general injection molding technologies. The injection mold is an important condition to determine whether the injection molded parts meet the precision tolerance required by the design, and the precision injection molding machine is the key equipment to ensure that the product can always meet the required dimensional tolerance and ensure a very high yield. 2) Characteristics of precision injection molding (1) High dimensional accuracy and small tolerance of injection molded parts; (2) High repeatability of injection molded parts, requiring high dimensional stability; (3) The materials used in the manufacture of injection molds should be good and rigid The dimensional accuracy and smoothness of the cavity and the positioning accuracy between the templates should be high; (4) replace the conventional injection machine with a precision injection machine; (5) adopt a precision injection molding process; (6) select materials suitable for precision injection molding.

3) The main factors affecting the precision of injection molded parts; (1) the precision of injection mold; (2) the shrinkage rate during injection molding; (3) the ambient temperature, humidity and fluctuation range of injection molded parts.

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