How to prevent damage to metal stamping dies?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Metal stamping die is a process that uses punch and die to deform or break iron, aluminum, copper and other plates and heterogeneous materials to achieve a certain shape and size. Metal stamping parts are now widely used in various fields of our lives, including some electronic devices, auto parts, decorative materials, etc. Let's take a look at how to prevent damage to the metal stamping mold with the mold manufacturer! 1. The sliding stay hinge shall not be made of aluminum alloy, but shall be made of stainless steel.

2. For sliding windows with a width of more than 1 meter, or double-glazed doors and windows, it is advisable to set up double pulleys, or use rotating pulleys. 3. Hardware fittings should be installed later, and door and window locks, handles, etc. should be assembled after the window and door leaves are in the frame to ensure accurate positions and flexible opening and closing. 4. To install hardware with fastening screws, a metal liner must be installed inside, and the thickness of the liner should be at least twice the pitch of the fastener.

Shall not be fastened to plastic profiles, nor lined with non-metallic linings. 5. The models, specifications and functions of the hardware accessories used should conform to the current national standards and relevant regulations, and match the selected plastic steel doors and windows. 6. Pay attention to maintenance after installation to prevent rust and corrosion.

In daily use, close and open lightly to prevent hard closing and hard opening, which may cause damage.

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