Injection mold manufacturers explain the process of plastic mold processing for everyone!


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

What is the process of plastic injection mold processing? I believe this is a mystery to many people. Today, injection mold manufacturers will explain it to everyone! Let's take a look together! 1. Material cutting: (At present, when the mold factory directly purchases the fine material, there is no need for the material cutting process.) Front mold material, rear mold material, insert material, row position material, inclined ejector material; 2. Ejector pin Screw holes: drill threading holes, pinholes, thimbles, screw holes 3. Waterway: front and rear mold core waterway processing 4. Open frame: (If the mold purchases a fully processed mold base, there is no need to open the frame.) Front mold Frame, rear mold frame; 5. Rough opening: front mold kernel rough opening, rear mold kernel rough opening 6. Finishing: front mold kernel finishing, rear mold kernel finishing 7. Copper male: front mold copper male, Die copper male, parting line clear angle copper male; 8. Wire cutting: insert parting line, copper male, inclined top pillow position; 9. EDM: front mold thick, copper male, male mold line clear angle, rear Bone position, pillow position; Ten, slider processing: row position, row position pressure pole; Eleven, inclined roof: inclined roof, inclined roof seat, inclined roof guide block.

12. Mold accessories processing ① nozzle, code mold pit, garbage nail (limit nail); Inclined roof, inserts. Fourteenth, hard mold additional process: quenching, surface nitriding of rows; fifteenth, mold accessories: mold surface lettering, slider, inclined needle, insert lettering, mold nameplate, etc. 16. Mold matching: the front and rear molds are matched.

17. Mold loading: the overall assembly of the mold.

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