Injection molding production costs remain high, that is, they have not learned the following ways to save energy and reduce costs


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

For a plastic injection molding manufacturer, the loss in the plastic injection molding production process is about 60%, so effectively reducing the energy consumption of the injection molding machine is an important way to save energy in plastic injection molding production. To reduce the loss of plastic injection molding production, it is necessary to consider comprehensively from the aspects of production management, processing technology and materials. 1. Production workshop The layout of the injection production workshop should consider two aspects: to meet the production demand, optimize the layout according to the production process, and meet the energy demand under specific production conditions.

2. Injection machine The injection machine is the largest energy consumption in the injection molding workshop. If you want to save loss, the injection machine is a part that cannot be ignored. 1. According to the characteristics of the product, select the appropriate size of the injection molding machine. 2. The servo energy-saving injection machine is selected, which has excellent energy-saving effect.

3. Maintain good lubrication of the transmission parts of the injection machine to reduce losses caused by increased friction or unstable operation of the equipment. 4. It adopts multi-cavity mold injection molding production, which can save energy significantly. 3. Injection mold The structure and production status of the injection mold also have a significant impact on the injection molding production cycle and processing energy consumption.

1. Reasonable injection mold structure design, including runner design, gate location, number of cavities, cooling channels, etc., all help to reduce energy consumption. 2. The use of hot runner molds can save materials and reduce material recycling. 3. Ensure that each cavity is filled evenly, which can shorten the molding cycle and ensure the uniformity of product quality.

Under the premise of ensuring product quality, adopting lower clamping pressure for molding can help prolong the life of the mold. 4. Maintain the injection mold to ensure the effective operation of the thermal cooling channel. Fourth, the consumption of different plastic raw materials is also different. At the same time, poor management of warehouse materials or improper management of recycled materials will lead to an increase in production energy consumption.

1. Under the premise of satisfying the production performance of injection molded products, materials with lower processing energy consumption are preferred. 2. Under the conditions of optimal performance and cost, materials with high fluidity are preferred. Mulan is a custom precision mold manufacturing company with extensive experience in injection molds for complex molding conditions.

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