Intelligent hollow blow molding product molding unit and production line


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Intelligent hollow blow molding product molding unit and production line 1. With the upgrading of hollow blow molding product molding units and production lines, the market needs fully automatic blow molding machines of various specifications will further carry out technological innovation and grade upgrading, high speed, energy saving, unmanned, and less humanized operation intelligence The fully automated blow molding production line will receive more attention. Fully automatic blow molding, automatic deburring, automatic measurement, automatic detection, automatic packaging, automatic crushing of edge materials, etc. The fully automatic and intelligent production line for blow molding products will be one of the key development directions in the next few years; the high-speed production line for small and medium-sized blow molding machines will be mainly driven by all-electric drives and electro-hydraulic hybrid drives. 2. Multi-dimensional blow molding product forming units and production lines my country has become a big automobile manufacturing country. With the upgrading of the automobile manufacturing industry, more multi-dimensional blow molding equipment will be used for various plastic air ducts and other plastic pipes that are matched with automobiles to ensure the integrity of these air ducts and pipes. Blow molding quality. In the next few years, the research and development of multi-dimensional blow molding equipment with various configurations will also be one of the key points. Negative pressure traction blow molding technology, robot traction blow molding technology and transfer mold traction blow molding technology will be more applied in the production of different blow molding pipes. 3. Special engineering plastic blow molding machine At present, domestic hollow blow molding product molding machine development companies have not conducted relevant technical research on special special engineering plastic blow molding machines. With the product upgrading of the blow molding product industry and the upgrading of engineering plastic blow molding products in other application industries, it will bring The need for the development of special blow molding machines for engineering plastics deserves the attention of relevant companies. Blow molding machines and blow molding machines currently used to produce conventional engineering plastics such as ABS plastics The production line of blow molding products has been localized. 4. Automobile fuel tank blow molding machine production line The six-layer fuel tank blow molding machine production line used for the production of plastic fuel tanks for cars can be produced by domestic companies. The technology of the developed six-layer fuel tank blow molding machine production line has made rapid progress and can already meet the production requirements of domestic fuel tank product manufacturers. Need, its production line is highly intelligent. Proficient in moulds|blow molding products| Started in 1998, trustworthy.

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