Introduction of cold extrusion process for metal processing


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CNC processing manufacturers of hardware parts often use cold extrusion processing technology, so what is cold extrusion? This is to install the cold extrusion mold on the punching machine, use the simple and repeated movement of the punching machine, use the metal to cause plastic deformation in the core, and then obtain the necessary specifications, shapes and certain characteristics of mechanical parts. 1. Cold extrusion is carried out under room temperature conditions, without heating the blank.

Cold extrusion processing can be carried out in a cold extrusion press, and can also be carried out on a general mechanical punch (high-speed punch), four-column hydraulic press, friction press or high-speed hammer. There are four methods of cold extrusion: forward extrusion: the fluidity direction of the metal during forward extrusion is the same as the movement direction of the mold base, and it can produce various solid core steel parts (select solid core blanks) , It can also produce various shapes of water pipes and shell parts (choose hollow blanks or cup-shaped blanks). 2. Back-extrusion: During back-extrusion, the fluidity direction of the metal is opposite to the movement direction of the mold base, and hollow cup-shaped parts can be made.

3. Composite extrusion During composite extrusion, the fluidity direction of a part of the metal on the blank is the same as that of the mold base, while the fluidity direction of the other part of the metal is reversed. This extrusion method can produce various A variety of hollow steel parts with complex shapes containing protrusions. 4. Axial extrusion When axially extruding, the fluidity direction of the metal is perpendicular to the movement direction of the mold base, and the disc parts can be made of solid core blanks or tubular blanks if there are protrusion requirements in the inner cavity. Component. Shanghai Mulan Machinery is engaged in cnc processing, CNC lathe processing, and the production of mask machine accessories.

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