Large-scale hollow plastic blow molding product molding unit and production line


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Large-scale hollow plastic blow molding product molding unit and production line 1. Production line for large and super large multi-layer plastic water storage tanks and water storage tank blow molding products With the advancement of modern facility agriculture and the need to improve the production and living environment in water-scarce areas, there is a certain demand for the manufacture of large and super-large plastic water storage tanks and water storage tanks in domestic and foreign markets. From the current situation, the main It is necessary to improve the design level and manufacturing quality of such equipment, and continuously improve the stability and reliability of equipment operation. In terms of technical improvement, further improvements should be made in the plasticizing system of the extruder, the storage head, the clamping machine, and the hydraulic system. Multi-layer large and super large storage tanks will be the development direction. The development technology of domestic large-scale and super-large multi-layer hollow blow molding product production lines has become increasingly mature, which can be compared with the large blow molding machine equipment developed by foreign developed countries. 2. Blow molding product tray production line of various specifications With the rapid development of many industries such as domestic and foreign logistics, cold chain logistics, large freezers, high shelves, chemicals, fertilizers, grain processing, etc., blow molded product trays have Its unique advantages will have a stable development period in the next few years; a variety of special production lines for blow molding product trays with different specifications will achieve considerable development. With the advancement of pallet standardization and pallet turnover transportation, as well as the development of the pallet leasing industry, standardized general-purpose blow-molded product pallets will gain more market share. The new blow molding tray production line will mainly focus on : Type 600, Type 800, Type 1200, Type 1600 are within the equipment models. With the improvement of environmental protection requirements and the urgent market demand for reducing the cost of blow-molded product trays, multi-layer blow-molded trays will become the mainstream of the development of blow-molded product trays in the future. The layers are made of recycled materials. Therefore, the research and development of multi-layer blow molding tray hollow plastic molding units and production lines will be one of the main focuses of blow molding tray molding equipment in the next few years. In addition, due to the rising labor costs of enterprises and the expansion of the production scale of blow molding trays, the development of intelligent blow molding tray production lines that use robot operating systems to automate deflashing and intelligentization will receive attention. At the same time, high-efficiency and energy-saving recycling equipment for blow-molded product trays that have been scrapped in the market will also be one of the research and development priorities, and this development trend may be accelerated. 3. Special large-scale and super-large blow molding product molding units and production lines With the continuous development of various blow molding products for different purposes, there is a market demand for the production of some special large and super large blow molding products, and the matching blow molding equipment has a market basis for research and development. Therefore, some special blow molding products The molding equipment or production line of plastic products will be one of the contents of research and development. Proficient in moulds|blow molding products| Started in 1998, trustworthy.

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