Machining category and structure of vertical CNC lathe


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The vertical lathe is suitable for machining and manufacturing in various fields. It can be used for rough and deep processing of inner and outer circular surfaces, inner and outer conical surfaces, inner holes, and cutting. Roller bearings are centered, and constant current power supply negative pressure slide rails are used in the radial direction, so that the operating table has the characteristics of high precision rotation, large bearing capacity, and small thermal deformation. Small vertical lathe The base of the vertical lathe, the operating table, the plate bed, the load-bearing beam and other large objects are made of gray cast iron with high strength and good wear resistance and quenched to eliminate thermal stress and not deform. There are two types of vertical knife table, square ram and manual pentagram knife table, side knife table is equipped with square knife table, and both knife tables are balanced by hydraulic press.

The spindle bearing transmission system of the CNC lathe is driven by an AC motor, and is arranged through a 16-stage spindle bearing speed regulation to complete the range of the speed ratio of the operation table. According to customer requirements, digital display, electric grinding wheel and accessories for lathing can be added, and the drag position can be added. Everything is lubricated automatically. Vertical lathe manufacturers Vertical lathes belong to large and medium-sized industrial equipment, which are used to produce and process large and medium-sized and super-heavy workpieces with large axial specifications and relatively small radial specifications, such as various discs, wheels, etc. The round surface, inner hole, conical surface, cylinder hole, cone hole, etc. of the workpiece processed by shaft parts can also rely on rated equipment to carry out production and processing such as turning external thread, turning curved surface, profiling, cutting and cutting. Compared with the horizontal lathe, the workpiece is clamped inside the clamping design of the CNC lathe, while the center line of the spindle bearing of the vertical lathe of the CNC machine tool is vertically arranged, and the countertop of the console is in the horizontal plane, so the workpiece Faster clamping and alignment.

This layout reduces the load on the spindle bearings and bearings, so the vertical lathe can maintain working precision for a long time. This series of CNC lathes are divided into cantilever and double-column vertical lathes, which are mainly suitable for spring steel and carbide tool CNC blades, and can be used for rough and deep processing of light metal, rare metal and some non-metallic parts. High-speed milling of internal and external conical surfaces, arcs, metric and inch threads, and rotary development surfaces with various complex postures, suitable for super-heavy parts processing, wind power generation and other fields.

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