Matters needing attention in mold processing of precision injection molded parts


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Precision injection mold processing involves multiple processing procedures, and the quality of each process affects the final processing quality of precision injection molds. Therefore, we need to pay attention to all aspects when processing precision injection molds. Today we will talk about the precautions in the processing of precision injection molds. 1. At the beginning of the design of each precision injection mold, its mold opening direction and parting line must be determined first to ensure that the structure of the precision injection mold is simple and easy to process. The core-pulling slider mechanism should be reduced as much as possible and parting should be avoided The effect of thread on the appearance of plastic products.

2. The basic quality of a precision injection mold design requires understanding the design details of each set of molds and the correct use of each mold part. 3. When designing precision injection molds, it is necessary to pay attention to whether similar products have been made before, and to understand the situation during its processing and production, and to learn from experience and lessons. 4. As a mold design engineer for precision injection molding parts, he needs to understand the mold trial results and mold modification situation of the mold he designed, and learn from experience and lessons.

5. When designing, it is necessary to choose an appropriate draft angle to avoid scratches on the injection molded product. 6. When designing plastic products, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the contradiction between the appearance, performance and craftsmanship of plastic products. 7. Design the buckle so that multiple buckles can be used together, so that the service life of the precision injection mold will not be increased due to the damage of one or two buckles, and rounded corners should be used as much as possible in the mold design to increase the strength of the mold .

8. Try to compare the mold structure of precision injection molded parts with success in design. 9. As a precision injection mold designer, you need to learn new mold technologies in practice and learn more about new and complex mold structures. 10. Consider several options before designing precision injection molds, and measure the performance of each option. Advantages and disadvantages, choose the best.

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