Method of Machining Cone Over Range by Vertical Lathe


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

We generally process large-scale rotary structural parts on vertical lathes. However, the rotation angle of tool holders on large vertical lathes often has a certain range limit. Unlike small and medium lathes, the tool holders can rotate 360°. How to solve such problems? We have encountered this problem when processing a die-casting mold for a certain product. Processing cone parts with a larger diameter on a vertical lathe is more complicated and cumbersome labor. Through practice, our company has concluded that in different Various methods of turning cones with vertical lathes under certain conditions can improve production efficiency and reduce labor intensity of workers. Feed the turning cone in two directions at the same time. This is the commonly used method of turning the cone. The cutting method can turn out any angle. It is mainly used for rough turning and parts with low machining accuracy. The vertical lathe realizes the processing of large-diameter spherical surfaces and the requirements of processing accuracy, and designs a practical device, and describes the structure principle and processing method of the device in detail. After actual use, the device has expanded the processing range of ordinary vertical lathes. It is convenient for workers to operate, easy to install, adjust and disassemble, safe and reliable, and has a good effect in actual production.

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