Overhaul and maintenance of CNC vertical lathe


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

The vertical lathe is mainly used for large parts, and the main shaft is vertical. The workbench adopts dynamic pressure guide rails, and the radial direction of the main shaft adopts double-row cylindrical roller bearings. The workbench has a large bearing capacity and high rotation accuracy. The vertical knife holder is equipped with a pentagonal knife holder, the side knife holder is equipped with a square knife holder and two knife holders, and all the knife holders are hydraulically balanced.

When using equipment, we generally also pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of CNC vertical lathes, so that vertical lathes can be used for a long time without affecting processing and production efficiency. There will be noise when the equipment stops, and the main power supply of the workshop will trip together. Check the inspection of the power system by the workshop electrician. The position of the tripped active air circuit breaker is corroded due to the humidity in the switch box. In addition, there are only a small number of three-phase contacts, and secondly, the workshop power transformer has a small capacity and is overloaded.

A thyristor of the CNC vertical lathe has been burned. Check the drive circuit to see if the B-phase trigger pulse is short, which is only a quarter of the normal trigger pulse amplitude, which further proves that the amplifier tube T3 in the B-phase trigger circuit is not working properly. The consequences of a phase loss in the thyristor rectification state of the device and a phase loss in the inverter state are different, however, assuming that it is during parking and deceleration, i.e. in the case of an inverter, thyristors with a higher trigger potential will also turns on, and the previous thyristor gets back pressure and turns off. At the moment, the problem arises when the thyristor is turned off, in a positive blocking state for a long time.

If the voltage supply system in the workshop is normal and unstable, the SCR may not burn out. The AC power grid voltage is unstable, the workshop transformer has small capacity, overload operation, the trigger pulse amplitude of the B-phase positive group is small, and the main switch box of the workshop power supply is damaged.

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