Plastic material selection requirements for precision injection molding


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Precision injection molding processing hopes to achieve the purpose of high dimensional accuracy and small tolerance of injection molded parts. Then, the selection of plastic raw materials needs to meet the requirements of high mechanical strength, good dimensional stability, good creep resistance, and wide environmental adaptability. Mulan Injection Mold Factory commonly uses the following four materials for precision injection molding: (1) POM and carbon fiber reinforced (CF) or glass fiber reinforced (GF).

This type of material is characterized by good creep resistance, fatigue resistance, good dielectric properties, flame retardant, easy demoulding with lubricants, and little environmental impact. (2) PA and glass fiber reinforced PA66. The characteristics of this plastic material for precision injection molding are: strong impact resistance and wear resistance, and good fluidity. Glass fiber reinforced PA66 has high heat resistance, but its disadvantage is that it is hygroscopic. Generally, it must be subjected to humidity control after molding.

(3) PBT reinforced polyester, the time required for precision injection molding is shorter. Compared with the above materials, its molding time is about: PBT≤POM≈PA66≤PA6. (4) PC and GFPC.

This kind of material is characterized by good wear resistance during precision injection molding. The rigidity of plastic reinforced by glass fiber is significantly improved, good dimensional stability, flame retardant, less affected by the environment and good molding processability.

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