Plastic mold manufacturers teach you to distinguish the quality of plastic molds!


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

The quality of the plastic mold is very important for the final product. We know that many products in our life are related to plastic, so how do we distinguish the quality of plastic molds? Today, the injection mold processing manufacturer will take everyone to find out! 1. It depends on the material of the mold. Many customers know that before ordering a mold, it is necessary to determine the mold material with the manufacturer.

The choice of mold material is actually the choice of steel. The choice of steel is actually the choice of steel hardness and toughness. For the mold, the harder the selected steel is, the less likely it is to wear and tear during the production of the injection mold, and the longer the service life.

Longer service life means that the mold can produce more products, which is a saving for plastic part manufacturers. 2. It depends on whether the mold is easy to break, and it often needs to be repaired under normal production and maintenance conditions. 3. Also check whether the produced products have flashes, burrs and smooth surfaces.

If there are flashes and burrs, it must be bad if it is not smooth. Injection molding manufacturers have to arrange personnel to deal with burrs and burrs, which is a waste of time, manpower and material resources. 4. The first mock test can be completed in a few minutes, which is the time from injection mold to mold.

This is also the injection molder's cost. If the mold speed is faster, the more products can be produced in a certain time, which can effectively save the cost of the injection molding factory.

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