Problems easily encountered in plastic molding mold processing


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Plastic molding molds are used to produce large quantities of injection molded parts, which have the advantages of high efficiency, good quality, less cutting, saving energy and raw materials, and low cost. However, due to the complex processing process of plastic molding molds, many problems will be encountered. This chapter will introduce plastic Problems that are easy to encounter in forming mold processing. 1. Huge size and weight How to deal with its own huge size and weight is a major challenge faced by plastic molding mold processing plants when processing large-volume plastic molding molds. The processing of large plastic molding molds often requires a lot of labor, special equipment and multiple debugging and clamping, and the processing accuracy of plastic molding molds is affected by many potential factors and it is difficult to guarantee.

2. Expensive purchase costs The direct costs related to the processing and production of various large plastic molding molds are the costs of professional processing equipment. Machine tools that can make large plastic molding molds are very expensive, especially for complex processing techniques that require the use of many machine tools to complete the entire process from rough machining to finish machining. Such a high initial investment cost is also an obstacle for many companies to enter this market.

From here we can see that if the rough and finish machining of large modulus can be realized on a suitable machine tool, and even only need to be debugged once, many problems will be solved, and the processing accuracy of plastic molding molds can be guaranteed.

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