Proficient in blow molding to share about the factors that affect the processing effect of blow molded products!


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

In the process of today's economic changes, in the blow molding industry, the structure of the domestic industry is also in a state of continuous upgrading, and in the current process of industrial upgrading, many value-added industries will be affected by various industries. All kinds of difficult problems in operation will be faced with various difficulties. In today's society, plastic product manufacturers are gradually occupying a dominant position in the market. Here, the editor who is proficient in blow molding mainly analyzes the factors that can affect the processing of blow molding products, for your reference: The specific analysis is as follows: 1. The position of the parting line; Before opening the mold, the mold engineer needs to carefully consider how to divide the mold, which will affect the mold release of subsequent products and the appearance of the product; 2. Product slope; All surfaces parallel to the moving direction of the mold must have a certain slope, and the slope should make the mold easy to open and easy to take out the product; 3. Check all usage functions; When used as a product, the fewer parts and assembly work the better, because the cost of the product can be reduced; 4. Inflation ratio; During inflation, pay attention to the areas that cause extremely thin wall thickness geometry, these places may be convex or concave parts, and vacuum forming can be assisted when the ratio of width to depth is too large; 5. Radius principle; Avoid sharp edges, corners, sudden changes in surface, sudden changes in product diameter or wall thickness; 6. Others; The placement of inserts, vent slots, inlet pins, ejector pin holes, lettering and labels requires careful consideration. Proficient in blow molding 23 years experience in blow molding customization. The supporting equipment is complete, with multiple blow molding machines, injection molding machines, mold opening equipment, printing equipment, and packaging machines, which can meet the customization of different complex and special-shaped blow molding parts. The production strictly implements the ISO9001 quality system certification, perfect quality inspection process, the surface finish/load-bearing/stability/sealing of the manufactured products have all passed the test, and the quality is traceable.

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