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With the continuous development and improvement of the industrial level, plastic products play an increasingly important role in our lives. As an indispensable tool in the manufacturing industry, injection mold processing has also developed rapidly in recent years; however, many companies often see why the price of injection molds is so high. In fact, this is caused by many reasons.

To understand the high price of injection molds, you must first understand the process flow of injection molds. 1. What is mold injection molding? In the large-scale production process of industrial development, injection molds are an indispensable tool for the production of plastic products. It affects the complete structure and exact dimensions of plastic products.

Injection molding is a processing method used for the mass production of plastic products. Specifically, it refers to the injection of heated and molten materials into the mold cavity through high pressure, cooling and solidification to obtain shaped products. Injection molding can realize one-time molding of plastic products with complex shapes.

It is a high-efficiency, high-volume production method, and the quality of the injection mold directly affects the quality of the injection molding. In the mold industry, to process high-precision, high-quality, and complex-shaped injection molds, advanced computer-aided design and manufacturing software must be used to compile reasonable processing procedures. This is the way to ensure processing quality, improve production efficiency, and reduce labor intensity. . 2. The following is an analysis of the reasons for the high price of injection molds for injection mold manufacturers: 1. There are many manufacturing processes for injection molds, the purchase cost of standard parts is high, and the process is complicated.

In order to ensure the quality of plastic molds, plastic mold manufacturers also need to go through a lot of tests under complex process conditions. 2. The number of molds to be manufactured shall be determined according to the samples. Sometimes it looks like a plastic part with a very simple structure.

Instead, two sets of injection molds, or even three sets of injection molds are required to complete the processing. Afterwards, the price of the injection mold was even as high as 100,000 yuan, and it was this high contrast that had a great psychological impact on customers. 3. Injection mold manufacturing takes a long time.

In order to achieve high precision, some plastic mold manufacturers have done a good job in molds, and designated special personnel to follow up, and strive to achieve customer satisfaction. Therefore, more time is required and the investment will increase accordingly. 4. The manufacture of injection molds is very difficult, and the design requirements for injection molds are also very high.

It is mainly to accurately design the mold runner, such as the early mold flow analysis. If the design work is not done well and in place, when the subsequent mold testing and proofing are unsuccessful, it is difficult to modify the mold, and most molds need to be remanufactured.

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