"Six elements" analysis before custom mold opening


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

After many customers find a manufacturer for customized mold opening, they first ask for a quotation. In fact, it is not the case. The price of customized mold opening is related to all aspects of injection molding products. 1) Feasibility analysis of injection molding products and structures The structural elements of injection molding products determine the mold opening accuracy, number of mold cavities and mold life of injection molds. When analyzing the structure of injection molding products, it is necessary to combine product function requirements, 2D drawing tolerance requirements, appearance requirements, injection molding machine requirements, and characteristics of molding materials. When customizing mold opening, it is necessary to fully consider the product to meet the requirements of function and size. .

In addition, when customizing the mold, it is necessary to reduce the shrinkage, in the area where deformation may occur, or in the area where the shrinkage is large, compensation calculations need to be made on the mold, and steel positions can be reserved as much as possible in the early stage. 2) The analysis of the holes and threads on the injection molding product first needs to understand the assembly requirements of the product holes and threads, the 2D dimensional tolerance requirements, and the torque requirements. No matter in the front mold or the back mold, the mold will use inserts. Carry out processing to ensure processing accuracy and convenience for later maintenance. 3) Deformation and dislocation analysis of injection molding products, especially for thin-walled, narrow, thin and long, precision injection-molded parts and products with great tightness, it is necessary to consider that the product is prone to warping during molding before designing , bending and other defects, so it is necessary to make an improvement plan in advance.

4) After the mold design of the injection molding product is completed, the overall motion interference analysis, especially when the structure of the injection molding product requires the use of sliders and inclined jacks, must be combined with the ejection mechanism for motion interference analysis. 5) Analysis of appearance defects of plastic parts Sometimes after the product is tested at T0, it will cause flow marks, sink marks, insufficient filling, silver streaks, obvious joint lines, trapped air and other phenomena on the surface. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out mold flow analysis before custom mold opening, so as to discover these problems in advance and improve them.

6) Batch demand analysis of injection molding products Batch demand analysis of injection molding products needs to take into account the three elements of molding: temperature, pressure, time, and factors affecting the service life of injection molds.

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