Six suggestions for quality control of injection molding products


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

The quality of injection molding products is the premise and guarantee for the development of Mulan Shenzhen injection mold processing factory, so how to control the quality of injection molding products has become the top priority. How exactly? 1) Do not easily determine the injection molding process, and do not easily change the determined process. 2) Injection molding process control must have a strong sense of quantification and traceability ①Do not ignore the details of the injection molding process.

② Use data to control and record every detail in the injection molding process. ③ Failure to control and trace the details of the injection molding process will delay the formulation of corrective and preventive measures. 3) Solve the problem patiently and carefully. When the reason and pattern cannot be found, the influencing factors of the analysis can be controlled and standardized.

4) To establish a preventive thinking, the daily process and results should be sorted out, and the changing rules and trends of injection molding processing should be found from the sorting results. These rules and displayed trends need to be constantly corrected. 5) The quality control of injection molding products must have management thinking. It is necessary to observe, pay attention to and study the performance and status of the direct manufacturer of the product, and manage and mobilize these performances and status. 6) Listen to the opinions and suggestions of others. The thinking of injection molding product quality management often touches the frontier. Even a random sentence or a complaint may guide or imply a major rectification direction, so professional A technician should be someone who pays attention to details and is good at capturing details.

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