Talking about the accuracy requirements of precision injection mold assembly!


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

The whole process of precision injection mold assembly is to connect and fix the qualified precision injection mold parts in a certain order according to the technical requirements of injection mold processing and the internal relationship between each part, until they are assembled into qualified mold shells. The assembly of precision injection molds belongs to the type of assembly of parts and components, and the process coordination ability is large. Most adopt the organizational structure of centralized assembly.

The entire process from assembling precision injection mold parts into components to mold shells is assembled by a worker or a group of workers at a fixed location. Injection mold processing manufacturers will introduce to you the accuracy requirements for precision injection mold assembly: 1. The position accuracy of precision injection mold parts, such as the position accuracy of positioning pin holes and type holes; mold base, cavity, die, type hole and core The accuracy of the middle part, etc. 2. The motion accuracy of precision injection mold parts includes uniform linear motion accuracy, uniform circular motion accuracy and transmission system accuracy.

For example, the mutual cooperation between the positioning pin and the guide column, and the feeding accuracy of the feeding equipment. 3. Whether the matching accuracy of precision injection mold parts meets the technical requirements with the clearance or interference of matching parts. 4. The contact accuracy of related parts, such as the contact condition of the precision injection mold analysis surface, whether the gap size meets the technical requirements, etc.

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