Technical advantages of CNC vertical lathe


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

CNC vertical lathe is an advanced equipment with advanced technology and high production efficiency. Vertical lathes are suitable for processing in various industries, and can be widely used for rough and finish machining of inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, inner and outer tapered surfaces, end faces, slotting, etc. Contemporary social science and technology can be said to be changing with each passing day.

With the continuous rise of advanced manufacturing technology, today's society has higher and higher requirements for CNC machining technology. At present, CNC vertical lathes have the following advantages: 1. The programmable logic controller of CNC vertical lathes is also a kind of The general-purpose automatic control device based on the AO processor is used to complete various logic operations and sequence control of CNC machine tools, such as machine tool start and stop, workpiece clamping, tool replacement, coolant switch and other auxiliary actions. 2. The operation of the CNC vertical lathe is realized through the man-machine operation panel, which is composed of the CNC panel and the machine tool panel. 3. The CNC panel of the CNC vertical lathe is the operation panel of the CNC system, which is composed of a display and a manual data input keyboard, also known as the MD panel.

The lower part of the display is often provided with a menu selection key for selecting a menu. In addition to various symbol keys, number keys and function keys, the keyboard can also be provided with user-defined keys and the like. Operators can realize system management through the keyboard and display, and input, store, edit and modify the NC program and related data.

When the CNC lathe is being processed, the screen can dynamically display the system status and fault diagnosis report.

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