The chaos in the mask machine market: delayed delivery, refilling parts, dare to quote with drawings


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Original title: Chaos in the mask machine market: delayed delivery, refilling parts, daring to quote with drawings "There is no integrity at all, only money." With the development of the epidemic, manufacturing companies are scrambling to join the mask production team. But this process is hardly smooth sailing. Before changing production, many enterprises preconceivedly underestimated the technical content of mask production.

As the process progressed, many problems were gradually exposed. Only then did people discover that a small mask involves many parts, raw materials, production equipment and qualification standards, all of which work well, and are not much easier than producing other products. Time is tight and demand is great.

A swarm of bees rushed in, crossing the river by feeling the stones. Trouble is almost inevitable. Disputes On the evening of February 29, many people and vehicles surrounded the gate of Yinghe Technology's factory area.

Those who come are all customers of Yinghe Technology. Most of them are entering the industry for the first time. They paid a deposit, cleaned the factory, stored melt blown cloth, and started working as soon as the mask machine arrived.

However, as the delivery date approached, the supplier kept procrastinating, and the patience of the customers was quickly exhausted. Anxious, they surrounded Yinghe Technology's factory area, trying to "snatch" some equipment. According to an earlier report by "China Entrepreneur Magazine", Yinghe Technology's original main business was lithium battery manufacturing equipment.

Since the media revealed on February 4 that Yinghe Technology will urgently produce mask machines, the company has received orders for one or two hundred units every day. As of February 16, the number of orders has reached nearly 1,600 units. According to industry insiders, at the end of February, the number of orders received by Yinghe Technology has reached about 2,000 units. However, the actual output is far from reaching this figure.

On the night of February 29, at the gate of Yinghe Technology Factory. Yu Nan, a mask machine accessory, is one of Yinghe Technology's customers. In February, he ordered 8 mask machine production lines at a price of 550,000 yuan each.

But haven't gotten one yet. "There is no integrity in this industry, only money." In an interview with China News Weekly, Yu Nan seemed a little angry, "If you add tens of thousands, you will immediately tear up the contract and sell it to someone else.

"The reason for the delay in delivery is very complicated, involving technical reserves, upstream industrial chain supply and other reasons. Yinghe Technology is not an isolated case. Yu Nan's company also ordered four mask machines from Nuofeng Optoelectronics. The other party promised to deliver it before March 4, but there is no news until now.

According to a set of data provided by the Shenzhen Medical Association, the mainstream mask machine on the market has a beat of 6,000 per hour, and the beat of the old model is 3600-4000 per hour. But many manufacturers who have changed production are far from meeting this requirement. Yu Nan told China News Weekly that he had visited several mask machine manufacturers in Shenzhen.

In his opinion, there are not many machines that can run smoothly, and almost all have problems, big or small. "It's either stuck here or stuck there. Basically, it doesn't run smoothly. It's not bad to be able to produce a few hundred in an hour." Yu Nan told China News Weekly, "I have a technical background, and I was still with them at the time. pondering.

What would happen if a boss with no technical background bought this equipment back? "But under the epidemic, everyone became impatient. Yu Nan also admitted that at this time, suppliers who are capable of delivering complete machines can already be called "conscience enterprises". Some manufacturers deliver a bunch of parts, called The customer went back to assemble it by himself; what was even more extreme, even only downloaded the blueprint from the Internet, and then declared that he had the ability to manufacture the mask machine, and began to collect deposits.

In addition to hardware limitations, the manpower required for the installation, commissioning and daily maintenance of mask machines is also quite lacking. Hu Hui, regulatory manager of Shenzhen Medical Device Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "Shenzhen Medical Association"), explained to China News Weekly that before the outbreak, taking Shenzhen as an example, only Shenzhonghai Medical Supplies (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Innolith Technology Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Yuguan Medical Devices Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Tenta Antibacterial Textile Co., Ltd. four manufacturers hold valid medical mask product registration certificates. Among them, Yuguan and Tengta have not been involved in the production of masks; Innolith mainly targets overseas markets; only Shen Zhonghai has experience in producing and selling masks in China.

Therefore, the industry's original accumulation of personnel reserves is not sufficient. Although the product technology and process of civilian masks and medical masks are similar, most people can share them; the government department also coordinated some enterprises that originally produced masks to send personnel to temporarily cross-bank enterprises to provide technical guidance. But overall, the contradiction of insufficient technical personnel is still prominent.

On March 4, 2020, workers of Luhua Group Shandong Kangli Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd. inspect the quality of medical supplies produced in a strictly sterile environment. Hu Hui explained to China News Weekly that many business owners are too eager to enter the game, thinking that the production technology of masks is simple, that is, "three layers of cloth pressed together". The final result is that although things can be made, they can't meet the requirements of mass production at all.

"For example, this is a bit like a Philips razor. It looks very simple, but many details need to be accumulated, which cannot be seen from the outside, and can only be understood after encountering it in practice." Hu Hui said.

Advice According to the estimates of the public account "Snowball Speculation Global", multiplying health personnel, students and retired insured personnel by coefficients respectively, the estimated national daily demand for masks is as high as 423.2 million. According to the analysis of Huachuang Securities, China's secondary and tertiary industries employ about 530 million people. Assuming that each person has one mask per day, after all work resumes, the amount of masks that need to be consumed in a day is as high as 530 million. Stimulated by demand, a large amount of capital and enterprises poured in, trying to get a share of the pie.

The ideal is full: once an automatic mask production line and raw materials are in hand, it will run at full capacity 24 hours a day and can produce at least 100,000 masks. Assuming that each mask makes a profit of 1 yuan, then the fastest five days can pay back the cost. In the future, as many days as the machine is on, you can earn as many days as you want.

But the reality is very skinny. The above-mentioned current situation of Yinghe Technology is a direct manifestation of the contradiction.

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