Blow molding packaging container design process


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

With the rapid development of the petrochemical industry, the plastics industry is also developing rapidly. Due to the advantages of plastic products such as corrosion resistance, impact resistance, light weight, and relatively high cost performance, they have gradually replaced packaging containers made of metal, cloth, paper, glass and other materials. So how is the blow molding packaging container designed? The following is shared by Xiaobian who is proficient in blow molding: 1. Fully understand the use function of the product and the use environment factors. The accuracy and details of the functional analysis of blow molding products are particularly important for subsequent product design. For example, chemical corrosion resistance, optical properties, mechanical properties, impact resistance, etc., have important references in the stage of material selection. 2. Choose plastic material. Choose the most suitable one or two plastic materials according to the performance requirements of specific products and subsequent processing methods. 3. Select the processing method. Choose one or two molding processing methods according to the size, shape, production quantity and other factors of the blow molding packaging container. 4. Initially complete the design of blow molding products. The main content of the preliminary design includes the shape, size, space and other aspects of the product. 5. Proofing. Due to the continuous progress and development of 3D technology, more and more people choose to make 3D proofing products first, and then design and manufacture blow molds after the 3D proofing products have undergone relevant tests and experiments. This saves time and reduces costs. 6. Product upgrade and optimization, complete the design draft. After the mold trial is completed, the product needs to test various indicators to select the most suitable plastic material and processing method. Proficient in blow molding 23 years experience in blow molding customization. The supporting equipment is complete, with multiple blow molding machines, injection molding machines, mold opening equipment, printing equipment, and packaging machines, which can meet the customization of different complex and special-shaped blow molding parts.

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