Blow molded beverage bottles are generally made of PET


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

The chemical recycling method is a method of depolymerizing waste PET bottles under certain reaction conditions to produce useful chemicals, such as the production of low-grade fuel gasoline. The physical recycling method is to re-granulate waste PET bottles after separation, crushing, washing and drying. There are two main physical recycling methods: one is to shred waste PET bottles into pieces, separate HDPE, aluminum, paper and adhesives from PET, and then wash, dry and granulate the PET pieces; Non-PET bottle caps, bases, labels and other magazines on waste PET bottles are mechanically separated, washed, crushed, and granulated. 1. For clothing, we commonly call it polyester. 2. Non-food packaging, high-grade packaging materials for textiles, precision instruments, and electrical components; substrates for audio tapes, video tapes, film films, computer floppy disks, metal coatings, and photosensitive films; 3. Electronic appliances: manufacturing connectors, coil bobbins, integrated circuit casings, capacitor casings, transformer casings, TV accessories, tuners, switches, timer casings, automatic fuses, motor brackets and relays, etc. 4. Auto parts: such as switchboard covers, ignition coils, various valves, exhaust parts, distributor covers, measuring instrument covers, small motor covers, etc., can also use PET's excellent paintability, surface gloss and rigidity, Manufactures exterior parts for automobiles.5. Mechanical equipment: manufacturing gears, cams, pump housings, pulleys, motor frames and clock parts, and can also be used as microwave oven baking pans, various ceilings, outdoor billboards and models, etc.

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