The most important parameter in CNC machining is Shenma


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cnc processing manufacturer 1: Cutting depth, that is, the cutting depth of each layer; just like how thick the radish you cut with a knife! This is better understood. Someone asked the teacher anxiously, how much do I have to deal with on each floor? ask yourself. Because only you know the cutter diameter.

Your tool is 80mm, 30mm, 1mm or even 0.3mm. What is the concept of 0.3mm, that is, three 1-shaped papers are stacked together, which is the thickness of a business card. I used to grind a lot of 0.3 knives on my grinder.

You have to deal with these materials. Are you making cakes or wood, aluminum or copper. You can cut cakes with a plastic knife! It's like you chop wood with an axe.

You chop off 1 cm with an axe. 10 mm Why don't you chop iron with an ax? As soon as you come down, your knife will fall! If you switch to a suitable ax, you can chop iron with it. 2: The speed of the spindle, that is, the speed of the motor (also called the motor) in the machine tool, that is, the speed of the tool n.

Since it's a bit hard to understand, I'll help you understand it. The rotational speed of the tool can be converted to linear speed, because the tool is mounted on the chuck and rotates continuously, so it is difficult to understand how fast it is. If it is a car, bicycle, motorcycle, it is easy to understand.

Because you have a better visual experience, you can even calculate how many kilometers per hour, how many kilometers per minute, how many meters per second.

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