The production cost of injection molding in Shanghai is related to those factors?


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Relationship between injection cycle time and product cost. The shorter the injection cycle, the better. On the premise of ensuring product quality, the higher the production quantity, the lower the manufacturing cost per unit product. In the injection cycle, which factors include: injection, pressure holding, cooling, mold opening, and ejection.

The methods to shorten the injection molding cycle include: reducing the wall thickness/runner size of plastic parts, reducing the mold opening distance/ejector stroke, quick pick-up, manipulator operation, speeding up the opening/closing of safety doors, reducing plastic parts sticking to molds, and correctly choosing cooling time , Reasonable setting of mold opening/closing speed and thimble speed/number of times, etc. Reducing the injection cycle is all about improving production efficiency. The following editor from Shanghai Plastic Mold Factory Xingye will introduce the production cost of Shanghai injection molding processing and those factors: The relationship between mold maintenance and production cost.

If the maintenance of the mold is not in place, mold failures will often occur during the production process, and production must be stopped frequently for maintenance. This not only affects the smooth progress of production, but also the stability of the quality of plastic parts will bring economic losses to the enterprise. Such as mold maintenance costs, plastic raw materials/electricity consumption, labor costs and downtime losses, etc. Therefore, production tools, such as molds, must be properly maintained.

Ensure that there will be no faults such as broken chains during the production process. After the maintenance of the mold is done well, there is no need for a series of problems later to ensure the smooth progress of production. The maintenance of the mold is urgent, and it is an important guarantee for the production to be in place.

In addition, there is also the relationship between quality and production cost."Product quality is the life of an enterprise", The high film return rate and defective rate are wasteful, the reputation of the company is affected, and it brings huge economic losses to the company. If the product quality control of Shanghai injection molding processing production is not good, there will be high defect rate, many waste products, low output, returned goods and rework, delayed delivery, and even lost customer orders, etc., which will reduce the competitiveness of enterprises.

We don't want to see these things happen. In the process of injection processing, if there are batch returns, the losses will be even greater. Quality is something we must never take lightly.

Only with quality can we have a good reputation. With a good reputation, customers will naturally trust you, and of course orders will continue to flow. For more information about injection molding in Shanghai, please visit the official website of Xingye:

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