The structure and characteristics of CNC machining


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

In our daily life, CNC processing technology may not be particularly common, but with the continuous development of society, CNC processing technology has been widely used. Today, I will take you to understand some structures and characteristics of CNC processing technology. Generally, the horizontal CNC machining centers of the fixed column type that we commonly use are mainly these three types. The column is fixed, the headstock moves in the Y direction, the workbench does Z and X movements, and the headstock moves in the Y and Z directions. Its workbench is one kind of X-direction movement; the spindle box makes Y and X-direction movement, and the workbench makes Z-direction movement; this is the fixed column horizontal machining center, CNC machining of this type of structure The center has the characteristics of good structural rigidity, high processing precision, and convenient installation and adjustment. There are many horizontal machining centers with moving columns, and there are three types in total, all of which are moving columns.

The workbench is fixed, the column moves in the X direction, the spindle box is side-mounted to move in the Z and Y directions; the workbench moves in the Z direction, the column moves in the X direction, and the headstock moves in the Y direction; the workbench moves in X, and the column moves in the Z direction Movement, the spindle box moves in the Y direction; these three are the moving column horizontal CNC machining centers. The moving column type horizontal machining center has high rigidity, large load capacity, and is suitable for heavy cutting and rough machining.

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