Blow molding product mold structure and parting surface


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blow molded products Mold structure and parting surface Extrusion Blow Molded Products The mold is mainly composed of two halves of the female mold or half of the male mold and half of the female mold. blow molded products The mold gives shape and size to the product. Extrusion Blow Molded Products The design and manufacture of the mold have a great impact on the production efficiency and performance of the product. If the design and manufacture are unreasonable, the product will be poorly formed, a large number of waste or defective products will appear, and the mold may be directly scrapped. Affect Blow Molded Products The factors of mold design are: the shape and size of the product, the form of injected compressed air and the performance of the plastic. According to blow molded products The shape and size of the mold need to consider the parting surface of the mold; the form of injection of compressed air needs to consider the position of the compressed air and whether the air intake is enough, and whether it can be blown instantly; the performance of the plastic needs to consider the selection of mold materials and processing technology. in blow molded products When designing the mold cavity, the choice of the parting surface of the mold is the first factor for the quality of the product. It is the most important factor for blow molding products. An important condition for smooth molding and smooth demoulding. Generally, blow molded products can be used for symmetrical blow molded containers The center line (equal line) of the center line is the parting surface; for some uniform and thick special-shaped products, the bisector line can also be used as the parting surface; but for unequal thickness and special-shaped blow molding products When the parting surface of the cavity needs to be carefully considered, its parting surface is often not on the bisector; for some special products, multiple parting surfaces need to be set. There are also some containers with handles. The handles are generally set along the parting surface, but some products require pre-embedded handles to form. Generally, the handle is formed by inserting blocks. Proficient in moulds|blow molding products| Started in 1998, trustworthy.

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