The tools used in CNC vertical machining center machining grooves


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Many brothers who have just been engaged in cnc machining programming do not know what tools to use when programming, and do not know what tools to use when they encounter curved surfaces, grooves, holes, etc. I believe that many inexperienced novices are confused about this matter. With more than ten years of experience in the processing field, the products include medical equipment accessories, drone accessories, robot accessories, automotive precision parts, etc., and have accumulated a lot of experience in the use of cutting tools. I will share it with you here today. Of course, if It is difficult for beginners to digest one by one according to which tools are required for processing, so today Hongweisheng only introduces which tools are used to process grooves. What tools are used for vertical machining centers to process grooves. It is normal to use a vertical machining center to process grooves. Of course, not only vertical machining centers can process grooves, but other CNC machine tools can also process grooves.

The groove mentioned here can be understood as a straight groove in general. Experienced programming engineers in machining straight grooves will use flat milling cutters to process straight grooves. Using flat milling cutters to process straight grooves not only has good chip removal ability, but also has high machining accuracy, which can be very good. To control the machining accuracy. Therefore, it is generally better to use a flat milling cutter to process grooves. What other CNC machine tools can add grooves In addition to vertical machining centers that can add grooves, there are many CNC machine tools that can also process grooves, such as: CNC milling machines, gantry machining centers, etc. These CNC machine tools can also process grooves , Since there are many CNC machine tools that can process grooves, I will not list them one by one.

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