What are the advantages of CNC precision machining?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

First of all, the spindle speed and feed range of CNC CNC parts processing are larger than those of ordinary lathes, and pertinent cutting parameters can be selected for each process. The structural rigidity of the CNC lathe enables the CNC lathe to perform powerful cutting with large cutting parameters, thus effectively saving maneuvering time. The positioning of the moving parts of the CNC lathe adopts acceleration and deceleration control, and the high speed of the empty stroke can be selected.

Machining plants reduce positioning and non-cutting times. With the machining center with tool magazine and automatic tool changer, all machining procedures can be completed by clamping the workpiece only once, which reduces the turnaround time of semi-finished products and has high production efficiency. The quality of cnc processing is stable, which can shorten the inspection time.

The efficiency of CNC lathes is 2-3 times that of ordinary lathes, and the productivity of complex parts can be increased by 10 times or even dozens of times. CNC parts processing technology is a mechatronics product formed by the penetration of new technology represented by CNC system into traditional machinery manufacturing industry. The required processing conditions, such as feed rate, spindle speed, tool selection, etc., are pre-specified by the instruction code.

The entire processing process is automated, and the processing errors caused by humans are very small. CNC lathes and transmission gaps and errors can also be compensated by the CNC system. Therefore, the machining accuracy of CNC lathes is high.

In addition, CNC lathes can also be operated repeatedly, with good dimensional consistency and low scrap rate. CNC precision machining automatically machines parts according to pre-programmed programs. In addition to operating the keyboard, loading and unloading workpieces, conducting intermediate inspections on key processes, and observing the operation of the machine tool, the operator does not need to perform complex repetitive manual operations, which greatly reduces labor intensity and labor intensity.

In addition, precision parts processing generally has better safety protection, automatic chip removal, automatic cooling and automatic lubrication devices. CNC lathes do not need to use as many tools as ordinary lathes, but only a small number of tools. After modifying the part drawing, the new part can be processed in a short time by modifying the corresponding program part.

Therefore, the production cycle is short and flexible, which provides favorable conditions for multi-variety, small-batch production and new product development. Shanghai Mulan Machinery specializes in cnc processing, numerical control processing, and professional processing of mask machine accessories.

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