What are the advantages of CNC vertical lathe processing bearings?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

1. The structural contact between the bearing raceway and the roller processed by the CNC vertical lathe can ensure a greater degree of rotation, and its stability and inclination are also more ideal. 2. It has an adjustable preload design, which prolongs its service life a lot, and also improves the stiffness of the bearing to a large extent. Of course, its beating is also minimized . 3. The inertia of the bearing nylon spacer processed by Shanghai CNC vertical lathe is relatively low, and the natural torque is relatively small during operation.

4. It has relatively high rotation accuracy and rigidity, so that the material used to make the bearing can be reduced to a large extent, and the effect of cost saving can be achieved. 5. Its included angle and collective shape make its span larger than the width of the bearing itself, so that the installation size is much smaller. The above is the relevant content of the advantages of CNC vertical lathe processing bearings. The advantages of products processed by such equipment are more prominent. Because of this, many processing companies now also choose this way to process and process products. Design, however, has very high professional requirements for the operator. If the operator is not professionally knowledgeable, unnecessary material waste may be caused due to improper design and other factors during operation.

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