What are the advantages of blow molding boxes for electric tools?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

There are many things that we will come into contact with in life and work, but we are not familiar with every item, just like some people have not really understood what is a blow molding box, maybe people in the maintenance industry will be more familiar with it , This is a kind of tool box that they often use in their daily work, so how much do you know about the advantages of blow molding boxes for electric tools? Let's take a look with the editor who is proficient in blow molding. 1. The blow molding toolbox adopts excellent injection molding, which has higher strength, and the smooth surface treatment makes it easier to wipe off oil stains. The toolbox handle is processed with soft rubber as a whole, which is more in line with ergonomics - the injection panel can withstand the tiger Pliers work. 2. The blow molding toolbox can store abundant tool modules. 3. The two sides of the drawer of the blow molding tool box adopt superimposed ball slide rails, which have better smoothness and improve the service life. The extended reach allows the drawer to be fully opened for easy access to the contents of the drawer. 4. The two sides of the tool box are designed with double-layer steel plates with steel plates inside the mesh plate, which makes the box stronger and more durable. The mesh plate is used to hang tools or accessories to expand the use function. 5. The body is moderate and can be stored in the trunk of the car, which is convenient and quick. 6. Shockproof, beautiful and affordable, it will not break or deform due to temperature differences. A technical team proficient in blow molding with 23 years of experience, rich experience, strong ability to pre-control problems, strictly review drawings, assist in product deepening design, and make blow molded parts better in quality. It has its own mold opening production line, strong mold design and development capabilities, blow molding and injection molding can be customized, and there are thousands of existing molds, which can meet the needs of mold opening and customization in various fields. The technical team has successfully served tools/amusement/agricultural machinery/children's products/electrical appliances/medical and other fields, with more than 10,000 successful cases and trustworthy.

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