What are the advantages of stack molds?


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

In the last chapter, we talked about the characteristics of laminated molds compared with ordinary injection molds. Today we will continue to talk about the advantages of laminated molds compared with ordinary injection molds? ①The production efficiency of laminated mold is one or more times higher than that of ordinary single-layer injection mold, and the cost of production injection molding is greatly reduced. ②Compared with ordinary injection molds, the clamping force of laminated molds is only increased by 5 to 10%, but the output of injection molding can be increased by 90 to 95%, and the utilization rate and productivity of equipment have been greatly improved. ③Stack mold and ordinary injection mold can use the same injection molding machine for injection molding production, no need to purchase additional machines and equipment, thus saving the cost of purchasing machines, equipment, workshops and new labor.

④ If the design of the laminated mold structure is reasonable and reliable, and the size of the product is consistent, the cost of the injection mold will be reduced by 30%, and the efficiency of injection molding will be more than doubled. ⑤ Some data show that the manufacturing cycle of a set of two-layer laminated molds is 5 to 10 percent shorter than that of two sets of ordinary injection molds.

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