What are the application fields of large CNC machining centers?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

What are the application fields of large CNC machining centers? Due to the rapid development of my country's heavy industry and automobile industry in recent years, the demand for processing equipment for large-scale CNC machining centers has surged. In the Chinese market, CNC processing is still not perfect at present, and because of its price and cost, it is not optimistic in my country. At the same time, not only are there many imported brands, but also domestic manufacturers are gradually increasing, which is really diverse. Large-scale CNC machining center processing, there are fixed beam type (fixed beam, table rotation), moving beam type (beam moves up and down, table moves forward and backward), moving column type (table moves, gantry moves), bridge type (working The table is fixed, the beam moves) and there are many types of gantry machining centers with the above compound methods.

The processing characteristics, capabilities, and targeted product processing uses are not exactly the same. It is the most important to measure and evaluate the gantry machining center from the perspectives of stability, feasibility and economy. The gantry machining centers produced in Taiwan are at least 10 years earlier than those in China, or even longer.

Therefore, it has been gradually improved and perfected, and the stability and reliability of the product have been improved. At the same time, the price is relatively cheap, and the reality has proved that Beijing Archie has used Yawei's gantry machining center to process the bed of the EDM machine tool. It has been used for 10 years, and the user reports that it has maintained the factory precision. However, except for the recent production of Beiyi, Jier, and Wuxin in China, other brands have basically started R&D and production in recent years, and there is no sufficient fact to prove that they can achieve the above three aspects.

For heavy cutting, in terms of skills, Western European products should be used. Considering skills and price together, Spanish Nicholas is the first choice. For large-scale sheet metal such as plastic molds for cars, the four brands of Taiwan's Yawei, Qiaoweijin, Qiaofu, and Xiehong are not bad. Every year, the above manufacturers have hundreds of units for domestic selection.

For large-scale molds with high surface finish and other large-scale product processing, Japanese brands have significant advantages. Mainly Okuma, Toshiba Nippon Koki. The former two are not used as machine tools for manufacturing machine tools, or high-precision mold processing, while the latter is used for processing advanced molds and standard large box structural parts.

Because of the technology blockade imposed by the United States and Japan on China, they generally do not export them, especially to military enterprises. In our country, Germany, Italy, and Spain are the most common. The cost-effective high-speed five-axis gantry suitable for heavy cutting is mainly made of Spanish products. Seamans is the best choice for the gantry machining center for light material processing. It is generally used for the processing of models such as cars, and has the characteristics of high-speed five-axis and large standard.

At the same time, the price is also around 500,000 euros. Large-scale CNC machining For domestic gantry machining centers, in recent years, there have been many manufacturers, some have joint ventures and cooperation with foreign countries, introduced skills, and some have purchased functional components such as spindles from abroad, and then equipped with gantry frames, workbenches and bed sounds, a large Some are in the process of research and development, and compared with foreign countries, there is of course a gap in maturity. But domestic machine tools always have this process, and the price is cheaper.

Shandong Zecheng CNC thinks that it should encourage matching selection. In the future, with the continuous development of science and technology, large-scale CNC machining center processing equipment still has a good future. Although this market is empty now, most enterprises in my country still use imported equipment, and their price and cost are very high. Yes, but according to my country's current development, in the future market, my country's own products will become the mainstream equipment in the market.

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