What are the application ranges of CNC machining


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Numerical control technology is the base for the manufacturing industry to realize automation, flexibility, and integrated production. It is the core of modern manufacturing technology and an essential means to improve the product quality and labor productivity of the manufacturing industry. The scope of application of CNC machinery: 1. High-speed, precision CNC lathe processing, turning centers and compound processing machine tools with more than four axes linkage. It mainly meets the needs of industries such as aerospace, aviation, instruments, meters, electronic information and bioengineering.

2. High-speed, high-precision CNC milling and boring machines and high-speed, high-precision vertical and horizontal machining centers. It mainly meets the processing needs of large and complex structural brackets, shells, boxes, light metal material parts and precision parts of automobile engine cylinder heads, aerospace, high-tech and other industries. 3. Heavy-duty and super-heavy CNC machine tools: CNC floor milling and boring machines, heavy CNC gantry boring and milling machines and gantry machining centers, heavy CNC horizontal lathes and vertical lathes, CNC heavy gear hobbing machines, etc. These products meet the needs of energy, aerospace, and military industries , ship main engine manufacturing, heavy machinery manufacturing, large mold processing, steam turbine cylinder and other industries' parts processing needs.

4. CNC grinding machines: CNC ultra-precision grinding machines, high-speed and high-precision crankshaft grinding machines and camshaft grinding machines, various high-precision and high-speed special grinding machines, etc., to meet the needs of precision and ultra-precision processing. 5. CNC EDM machine tools: large-scale precision CNC EDM machine tools, CNC low-speed wire EDM machine tools, precision small hole EDM machine tools, etc., which mainly meet the needs of large and precision mold processing, precision parts processing, taper holes or special-shaped holes Processing and special needs of aerospace, aviation and other industries. 6. CNC metal forming machine tools (forging equipment): CNC high-speed precision sheet metal stamping equipment, laser cutting composite machines, CNC powerful spinning machines, etc., mainly meeting the needs of high-efficiency batch production of sheet metal in industries such as automobiles, motorcycles, electronic information industry, and home appliances And the processing needs of various thin-walled, high-strength, high-precision rotary parts in the automotive wheel hub and military industry.

7. CNC special machine tools and production lines: flexible machining automatic production lines (FMS/FMC) and various special CNC machine tools. This type of production line is aimed at processing cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, gearbox boxes, etc. Processing requirements for batch housing and box parts.

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