What are the characteristics of blow molding products?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Blow molding products are widely used in our daily use, so we can also directly understand the advantages and disadvantages of blow molding products. Here we summarize the characteristics of blow molding products through comprehensive language. 1) The cost of blow molding machines (especially blow molds) is low (when molding similar products, the cost of blow molding machines is about 1/3-1/2 of that of injection machines), and the production cost of products is also low. 2) Blow molding can produce complex, irregular and integral blow molding products. 3) The absolute molecular weight of blow molding grade plastics (such as PE) is much higher than that of injection grade plastics. Therefore, blow molded products have high impact toughness and high environmental stress cracking resistance, and are suitable for consumer packaging or containers or vats for transporting cleaning agents and chemical reagents. 4) Blow molding can produce blow molded products with very small wall thickness. 5) Since the blow molding mold is only composed of a female mold, the wall thickness of the product can be changed by adjusting the die opening gap or extrusion conditions in a complex manner, which is very beneficial for products that cannot accurately calculate the required wall thickness afterwards.6) In blow molding, the parison is molded by the machine head under relatively high pressure and inflated under high pressure (a small number of 0.2-1.0MN), so the residual stress of the product is small, and it is resistant to stretching, impact, bending and The function of various strains such as the environment is high, and it has a good application function.

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