What are the characteristics of injection mold processing?


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

In the market, most of the molds we come into contact with are injection mold processing, which inject plastic material into the mold to form the product required for sale. In the mold industry, injection molds are widely used in many industries. So, what are the characteristics of injection molds? Injection molds are a processing method used in mass production, which is mainly used in the industrial field.

The process of injection molding is to inject molten material into the mold cavity through high pressure, and obtain molded products after cooling and solidification. According to the molding characteristics, it can be divided into thermosetting plastic molds and thermoplastic plastic molds. Injection molds can simultaneously form plastic parts with complex structures, precise dimensions, and good internal quality, so they are widely used in the production of plastic products.

This is its first feature. The second is design and manufacture, whether the geometric shape and structural size are reasonable, directly affect the rheological properties and filling effect of the polymer melt in the mold channel, and ultimately affect the molding quality of plastic parts. There are many uncertainties in the early design and development, first of all, experienced practitioners are needed from the preliminary design, most of them need to rely on the knowledge and experience of the mold designer.

Features such as jet flow, warpage, welds and gating are closely related to the design of the gating system. Feature 4 Controlling the mold temperature is to heat the mold to the working temperature. The key is to keep the mold temperature constant under the working temperature. Injection molds may have many other properties, and among the wide range of plastic molds used, injection molds are the most common.

Therefore, someone will definitely ask the daily necessities factory what should be paid attention to when purchasing injection molds? In this article, we suggest to choose a mold factory first, and then investigate the scale, production capacity, cases, existing products, etc. of the mold factory. If it is convenient, do an on-site inspection as much as possible, which will help you understand the injection mold factory from many aspects. And understand its advantages and disadvantages through the network.

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