What are the factors of color difference caused by injection mold?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Mold injection molding processing technology has become more and more popular in the plastic product production industry. After decades of development, the entire process has matured. What are the factors of color difference caused by injection mold processing? Today, Mulan injection mold processing manufacturers come to talk to you! 1. Raw material factors: including toner replacement, plastic material brand change, and setting agent replacement. 2. Variety selection of raw materials: For example, PP material and ABS material or PC material require the same color, but there is a slight color difference due to the different development of the main varieties of materials, but a limited scope of protection is allowed.

3. Environmental factors: Injection mold manufacturers have experienced for many years, generally the rollers are not clean, and the drying hopper is dusty, which will cause mold oil pollution. 4. Equipment process reasons: temperature, pressure, and melting time in the injection molding process will also cause color difference problems, and other process factors such as material mixing in different batches and beer on different machines will also affect it. 5. Factors of the toner itself: Some toners are not subjected to temperature, and the products are easily changed by changes in the temperature environment.

The above is about the chromatic aberration problem of injection mold processing. I believe that everyone can avoid the problem according to these reasons. For more information, please pay attention to the official website of Shanghai Mulan Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.! .

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