What are the factors that affect the delivery time of plastic mold processing companies?


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

As we all know, the processing cycle of plastic mold is relatively long, and it has many processing steps and complicated process, so it is inevitable to encounter many factors that are difficult to control effectively in the whole processing, among which the delivery time is the problem that most customers care about . Sometimes even though the production equipment and process level of the manufacturers are almost the same, the delivery dates are still different. Why does this phenomenon occur? What are the factors that affect the delivery time of plastic mold processing companies? 1. The larger and more complex the design size of plastic parts, the longer the processing time of natural plastic molds and spare parts. 2. In addition, the material properties of the product have different requirements for the steel of the mold and the processing technology of the mold, and the time will be different.

3. According to the requirements of customers, the appearance requirements and dimensional accuracy of injection molding products are also important factors affecting the processing cycle of plastic molds. 4. What is the expected output of the injection mold, and whether the mold should be multi-cavity or one-cavity. It is definitely different to make two products and one product, and the processing time will be longer.

5. The more complicated the shape of the plastic part, the more difficult it is to process the plastic mold. That is to say, the more plastic parts are classified, the more assembly positions, buckle positions, and hole positions are, the more difficult the mold processing is, and the longer the mold processing time is.

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