What are the factors that affect the precision of injection molded parts in precision injection molds?


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

As an important tool for the production of injection molded parts, precision injection molds have many factors that affect the precision and quality of injection molded parts. The following is the summary of which factors on precision injection molds have an important impact on the accuracy of injection molded parts summarized by engineers from Mulan Injection Mold Factory. 1) Accuracy of injection mold; the accuracy of injection mold mainly depends on the accuracy of mold cavity size, accuracy of cavity position or whether the accuracy of parting surface meets the design requirements. The dimensional tolerance of ordinary precision injection molds should be controlled within 1/3 of the product dimensional tolerance.

2) The machinability and rigidity of the precision injection mold; in the design of the mold structure, the number of cavities should not be too many, and the bottom plate, support plate, and cavity wall should be as thick as possible to avoid elastic deformation of the product under high temperature and high pressure . 3) The release property of the product; precision injection molds should use as few cavities as possible, fewer and short runners, and a higher finish, which is conducive to release. 4) Processing materials selected for precision injection molds; steel materials with high mechanical strength are selected.

The materials for making the cavity and the runner must undergo strict heat treatment, and the materials should be selected with high hardness, good wear resistance and strong corrosion resistance. Mulan Precision Injection Mold Factory provides one-stop service of injection mold design, mold opening and injection molding. If you have new products that need mold opening and injection molding, please contact us. We will propose a mold opening plan suitable for you according to your project requirements, market planning (time to market, required capacity, batch quantity, etc.), and product structure analysis; at the same time, we will also analyze the feasibility of various plans for you , such as two-color molding, overmolding, in-mold injection, etc., tailor-made cost-effective injection molding solutions for you.

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