What are the factors that affect the working accuracy of CNC vertical lathe


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

CNC vertical lathe, also known as CNC vertical lathe, processes the rotating surface of parts. It communicates with the spindle control unit to drive the spindle, and performs stepless speed change according to the control instructions. There is no need to use multi-stage gear pairs for speed change between the spindles. It can automatically complete the outer cylindrical surface and conical surface, and can also process some complex rotary surfaces, such as the processing of hyperbolic spherical surfaces and threads. The structure of the vertical CNC lathe is characterized by high rigidity, which is to match the high-precision control of the control system so as to adapt to high-precision processing.

So what are the factors that affect the working accuracy of precision CNC vertical lathe? Factors affecting the working accuracy of precision CNC vertical lathe 1. Under the control of the computer, the CNC vertical lathe can perform grinding with higher precision, quality and efficiency, which is more economical than special grinding machines, so it has good flexibility and The economic benefits are also greater. 2. The processed parts should meet the requirements of the process, not only for compound processing, but also for some complicated processes such as grinding the torus. 3. It is difficult for a single CNC vertical lathe to complete all the processing of a part. It must be coordinated with other equipment, which requires the production workshop to achieve a balance.

When we are preparing for processing, the whole preparation work also occupies a certain position. It is often dozens or even hundreds of times the processing time of a single part. Although some parts are processed in small batches, their shapes are very Complex, and the quality requirements are very high. In fact, these CNC vertical lathe parts can be reused, so that the production cycle and cost can be greatly reduced. Factors that reduce the working accuracy of precision CNC vertical lathes.

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