​What are the functions of the injection mold gate


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The gate of the injection mold is a channel connecting the main channel (or runner) and the cavity. The cross-sectional area of ​​the channel can be equal to that of the main channel (or branch channel), but it is usually reduced. So it is the part with the smaller cross-sectional area in the whole runner system.

The shape and size of the gate have a great influence on the quality of the product. Next, I will give you a detailed introduction to the functions of the gate. I hope that the following sharing will be introduced by the injection mold processing manufacturer and will be helpful for understanding the injection mold. The role of the gate of the injection mold is: 1. Control the flow rate of the material. 2. During the injection, it can prevent the backflow due to the early solidification of the melt stored in this part. 3. Make the passing melt receive strong shear and increase the temperature. , so as to reduce the apparent viscosity to improve fluidity 4, to facilitate the separation of products and runner systems.

The design of the shape, size and position of the gate depends on the nature of the plastic, the size and structure of the product. Generally, the cross-sectional shape of the gate is rectangular or circular, and the cross-sectional area should be small and the length should be short. This is not only based on the above effects, but also because it is easier for small gates to become larger, but it is difficult for large gates to shrink. The gate position of the injection mold should generally be selected at a place where the product is thicker without affecting the appearance.

The design of the gate size of the injection mold should take into account the properties of the plastic melt. Cavity It is the space in which plastic products are formed in the mold. The components used to form the cavity are collectively referred to as molded parts.

Each molding part of the injection mold often has a special name. The forming part that constitutes the shape of the product is called the die (also known as the female die), and the part that constitutes the internal shape of the product (such as holes, grooves, etc.) is called the core or punch (also known as the male die). When designing a molded part, the overall structure of the cavity must first be determined according to the properties of the plastic, the geometric shape of the product, the dimensional tolerance and the use requirements.

The second is to select the parting surface, the position of the gate and the vent hole and the demoulding method according to the determined structure. After that, the design of each part is carried out according to the size of the control product and the combination of each part is determined. When the plastic melt enters the cavity, there is a high pressure, so the molded parts should be selected reasonably and checked for strength and stiffness.

The above is the relevant information brought to you by the injection mold processing manufacturers about the functions of the plastic mold gate. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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