What are the inspection points of CNC vertical lathe


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

The CNC vertical lathe is mainly used for processing large and heavy workpieces with large diameter and short length and workpieces that are not easy to be clamped on a horizontal lathe. The processing accuracy is affected, and the above problems can be solved by using vertical lathe. Before the vertical lathe is put into use, its control handle should be operated flexibly. When the control handle is pulled to the "start" position, the rocker arm pressing the friction plate should be able to reach the self-locking position to ensure reliable positioning; There should be a positioning plate to prevent the withdrawal of the four-claw seat. When processing eccentric workpieces, a counterweight iron must be added to keep the workbench balanced.

The counterweight iron must be firmly clamped to prevent it from being thrown out and hurting people; the friction clutch in the fast travel mechanism must be intact, and it can play a protective role when the load is too large. The safety pin in the safety coupling in the feed box must meet the design requirements to prevent accidents caused by overload. The vertical lathe should be equipped with a limit device to prevent the beam and tool holder from exceeding the stroke when moving; the operating platform should have a bar and a bottom guard.

1.8 All operating handwheels should have positioning devices and obvious gear signs. The bolts and nuts that press the handwheel should be complete, intact, and fastened; the triangular tape and the coupling between the main motor and the gearbox should be equipped with a protective cover; the workbench should be fenced to prevent injury when the workbench rotates Chip baffles should be provided. During the vertical lathe operation, tools and measuring tools are not allowed to be placed on the beam tool holder; iron filings are not allowed to be removed directly by hand, and special tools should be used for cleaning; when loading and unloading workpieces and tools, it is necessary to cooperate closely with the driver and hook worker; Knives should be fastened.

The jacks, bevel pads, pads, etc. used should be fixed, and checked frequently to prevent loosening; before the workpiece is not clamped, the workpiece can only be corrected by jogging, and attention should be paid to keeping a certain distance between the human body and the rotating body. It is strictly forbidden to stand on the rotary table to adjust the machine tool and operate the buttons. Non-operating personnel are not allowed to approach the machine tool.

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