What are the methods for mold mirror polishing?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Manufacturers who have done plastic mold polishing know that you can’t eat Xishi tofu in a hurry, and the most taboo thing to do in mold polishing is eager for quick success. A professional mold polishing manufacturer understands that polishing is a process from shallow to deep. Today, Shanghai Injection Mold Processing Factory will explain to you what the method of mold mirror polishing means! Polishing needs to be carried out step by step and step by step. First, you need to use oil stone from coarse to fine for corresponding processing. Different types of diamond smoked abrasives are used for polishing from coarse to fine. Mirror polishing also involves the use of special tools. At the time of rough machining, the polishing technicians also have corresponding technical requirements for the use of oilstone. The moving parts should be even and not easy to scratch. It is necessary to use high quality, and the wood for grinding is divided into softwood and hardwood. Generally, hardwood is used for rough grinding, and cork is relatively required for polishing, and the imported diamond polishing paste can be used to achieve the mirror surface. Effect.

Mirror polishing has very high requirements for the natural environment of mold mirror polishing. Many high-end products need to reach the tenth grade standard before they can be mirror polished.

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