What are the precautions for plastic mold maintenance?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Plastic molds are the key special tools for molding plastic products. If the quality of the mold changes, such as shape change, position movement, rough molding surface, loose mold contact, etc. , will directly affect the quality of plastic products.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the use and maintenance of molds. The following plastic mold factory Xingye Xiaobian will introduce it. The maintenance of the plastic mold is as follows: 1. Before production, check whether there are impurities and dirt in each part of the mold, use cotton gauze to scrub the paint, impurities and dirt in the mold, and use a copper knife to remove firmly bonded residual materials.

2. Reasonable selection of mold clamping force is based on the fact that no burrs will be generated when the product is molded. Excessive mold clamping force not only increases power consumption, but also easily accelerates the wear rate of mold and transmission parts. 3. For guide pillars, push rods, return rods, tie rods and other mold moving parts, add oil twice a day in summer and only once in winter.

4. When the full-time mold maintenance work is on duty, check and observe the molds in production, and deal with the problems in time. When the maintenance project is handed over, they should set sail 5 to 10 minutes in advance to check the production status of the molds, especially if there are frequent failures. Qualified molds and molds with many problems should be paid more attention to. 5. During production, if the power failure stops due to some reasons, and the continuous stop lasts for more than 6 hours. If the air in the southern rainy season is humid, it is necessary to spray anti-rust oil on the forming surface, separation surface, and folding surface. The forming surface, separating surface, and folding and fitting surface are sprayed with anti-rust lubricant. When temporarily unused molds are put into storage, they should be fully cleaned before storage, sprayed with anti-rust lubricant, and put into storage after closing the mold. No heavy objects should be placed on the mold. 6. Do not hit any parts in the mold with a hammer to prevent knock marks or deformation.

7. The equipment will not be used temporarily, but the injection mold should be coated with anti-rust oil. The mold can be moved, and the fixed time is not in the state of pressing and closing the mold for a long time to prevent deformation under pressure. Little knowledge of plastic molds In order to manufacture high-quality, high-level, high-precision plastic molds, the grinding of the mold surface is the key, which is one of the important links leading to the success of mold manufacturing.

The mirror fabric pattern on the mold is an anomaly of the mirror finish of the mold, with an uneven surface that gives us the look of waves. For more information about plastic molds, please visit Xingye's official website: http://www.dgxingyesj.com/.

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