What are the structural factors that affect the quality of plastic mold design?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

The design of plastic molds should be based on the design of plastic products, and the design and manufacture of molds are closely related to plastic processing. The success or failure of plastic processing depends largely on the design effect and manufacturing quality of the mold. Next, Shanghai Injection Molding Factory will share what factors need to be considered in plastic mold design.

Factors affecting the quality of plastic mold design; 1. Parting surface, that is, the contact surface between the die and the punch when the mold is closed. The selection of its contact surface and its position and form is affected by factors such as product shape and appearance, wall thickness, molding method, post-processing technology, mold type and structure, demoulding method, and molding machine structure. 2. Structural parts, that is, sliders, inclined roofs, straight roofs, etc. of complex molds.

The design of components is very important, which is related to the service life of the mold, processing cycle, cost, product quality and so on. Therefore, the core structure of complex molds has higher requirements on the comprehensive ability of designers, and the pursuit of simpler, more durable and more economical design solutions is as far as possible. Above, Shanghai Injection Molding Factory Xingye introduced some structural factors that need to be considered in the design of plastic molds, hoping to help friends who love plastic molds understand molds.

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