What conditions need to be met for injection molding production


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Due to the ultra-high fluidity of plastic, there will be certain errors between the plastic parts produced by injection molding and the drawings, especially for some injection molded parts that require relatively high dimensional accuracy. There are many factors in the production of injection molding that will affect the precision of injection molded parts. The first is the manufacturing precision of the injection mold and the degree of wear of the mold, followed by the fluctuation of the shrinkage rate of the plastic and the change of the process conditions during the production of injection molding. Aging changes and the structural shape of the mold, etc. In fact, there are many products that have not reached the service life at the beginning. There are many factors that cause this. One of the reasons is that the product parts cannot reach the size designed at the beginning. A complete product is composed of several or even Composed of tens of thousands of spare parts, the size cannot meet the design requirements, causing problems in the process of use.

In recent years, the precision injection molding processing and production industry has also developed relatively rapidly, so what are generally required to meet the conditions for precision injection molding processing and production? 1) With advanced injection molding machine equipment, the injection molding machine is the cornerstone of injection molding, just like building a house, if the foundation is not stable, the house may collapse. 2) Injection mold manufacturing, injection molding processing production industry is inseparable from injection molding molds, injection molds with superior performance can add a lot of points for precision injection molding processing and production. 3) Injection molding production operations, without an excellent injection molding production engineer, even the best injection molding equipment is useless.

4) Purchasing raw materials for injection molding processing, even if it is the same plastic, different processing and production processes will lead to different performances of injection molded parts.

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