Which industries are the products of the hollow blow molding factory used in?


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Which industries are the products of the hollow blow molding factory used in? Plastic products are more and more widely used in our life. Bottles and barrels with different capacities, light and durable hardware kits, parent-child boats for summer lake tours, etc. It seems that plastic products made of hollow blow molding are everywhere in life. Let's analyze today, which industries are the products of the hollow blow molding factory used for? 1. Backrest seats on the stands of gymnasiums, school basketball courts, etc. The hollow blow molding seat material is mainly based on high-density polyethylene, and then according to the type of installation site, Hollow blow molding manufacturers add various additives to enhance the weather resistance and flame retardancy of the seat. Various colors can be customized and easy to install. 2. Heavy industry, food freezing industry Hollow blow molded trays have good impact resistance and load bearing capacity, and are suitable for harsh environments such as low temperature and high-intensity operations. General heavy industry, video refrigeration industry will go Hollow blow molding factory procurement. However, there are currently two types of plastic trays on the market: hollow blow molding trays and injection molding trays. In addition to the different craftsmanship, they are also different in product structure, appearance shape, and applicable environment. When you choose, you must keep your eyes open. 3. Children's favorite amusement facilities The slides in the park and the parent-child boat in the playground are all children's favorites. This type of product has distinctive features: blow molding, round and durable, rich in color, and ergonomics. It not only satisfies the color sensitivity of children, but also is safe. certainly The products of the hollow blow molding factory are not limited to these uses, such as tool bags for the hardware industry, automotive air ducts for the chemical industry, medical equipment components, and so on. Ningbo is a professional hollow blow molding manufacturer who is proficient in molds. The products can be customized one-stop to meet various needs. Graphics and texts are for learning reference only Proficient in moulds|blow molding products|hollow blow molding manufacturers started in 1998 and are trustworthy.

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