What are the options for hollow blow mold materials?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

The main materials used for blow molding molds are aluminum alloy materials, structural steel materials, stainless steel materials, beryllium copper alloy materials, zinc alloy materials, etc. Now, Proficient Mold will analyze the selection suggestions for different product mold materials for you: 1. Aluminum alloy materials are suitable for large-scale blow molding products, such as: most of the molds for plastic buckets above 200L are made of aluminum alloy. The mold made of aluminum alloy has the advantages of good thermal conductivity, good heat transfer performance, and light weight. Its disadvantages are expensive materials, poor hardness, and easy wear and tear. 2. Structural steel materials are suitable for blow molding molds with large batches of blow molding products and long service life. Compared with other materials, structural steel has advantages in strength, hardness and price. Improve its thermal conductivity and heat transfer by designing a good cooling channel. 3. Stainless steel material is suitable for blow molds with high surface requirements. Its advantages are good surface finish, good corrosion resistance and strong dimensional stability. 4. Beryllium copper alloy material is suitable for mold making of small and medium-sized blow molding products with very large output. The most common application is in the production of incision inserts. The material performance of beryllium copper alloy is very good in all aspects, but the material price is much higher than other materials. 5. Zinc alloy material is suitable for mold making of blow molding products with irregular shapes. It is easy to cast and machined, and has good wear resistance, but its thermal conductivity is relatively poor, its hardness is poor, and it is difficult to repair after the material is worn. Ningbo Beilun Jingtong Mold Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. It is a domestic enterprise engaged in the design and production of blow molds, blow molding and injection molding.

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