What is the difference between metal electroplating processing and plastic electroplating processing?


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

What are the differences between metal electroplating processing and plastic electroplating processing? The following editor will explain to you: 1. The difference between hardware and plastic plating materials The base material of metal plating is metal, such as: iron, zinc alloy, copper alloy, etc. The substrate of plastic plating is plastic. Due to the different substrates, the pre-treatment process is completely different, but the subsequent electroplating is basically the same.

This is the difference found in the two materials. 2. The difference between the price of hardware and plastic electroplating Regarding the price of the two: it depends on what material you use for the coating, as well as the thickness requirements of the coating and the testing requirements. Many factors will affect the price of electroplating, such as: you want to give Chromium plating on a plastic part with a small surface area is cheaper, while gold plating on a relatively large hardware part is more expensive, and the thickness of the coating directly affects the price. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the problem according to the actual situation, and there is no comparison between the two.

However, if it is the same coating, plastic electroplating is more expensive, because the plastic electroplating process requires a few more steps, and it is not easy to plate, it is more difficult, and the cost is naturally high. 3. The difference between metal and plastic electroplating processes The process of plastic electroplating and plastic electroplating is: degreasing-hydrophilic-coarsening-neutralization-presoaking-activation-degumming-chemical nickel-- Burnt copper-acid copper-nickel-chromium metal plating process is: cleaning-copper plating-semi-gloss nickel plating-full light nickel plating-gold plating-drying 4. Hardware and plastics The difference between the characteristics of electroplating and electroplating The characteristic of plastic electroplating is that it is not conductive, and it needs to conduct conductive treatment first, that is, activate and electroless plating, so that the surface can firmly adhere to a layer of metal film. After that, it is no different from metal plating.

5. The difference between hardware and plastic electroplating product design. Metal electroplating products can be powered by the hardware itself. Generally, it is OK to only consider the product itself. However, for plastic electroplating products, not only the structure of the product itself must be considered, but also the layout of the product and the design of the nozzle. If there is no suitable electroplating nozzle for plastic electroplating, it will cause electroplating deformation or water electroplating cannot be performed.

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